Here’s My Twist On Cancer- Now What’s Yours?

Everyone is touched by Cancer.

And everyone has their own “Twist on Cancer (TM)”.

How you choose to fight this disease and support others that are affected by it- is completely up to you.

I chose to fight Cancer with the Twist.

As the disease tried to rob me of my spirit, I chose to Twist my way through the disease.

So what does it mean to “Twist out Cancer” (TM)?

Throughout my journey as I documented my journey through my blog, I realized the critical importance of movement during a time when I felt trapped and betrayed by my body.  During the days when I was immuno-suppressed and unable to live in outside world, I danced alone in my room, dreaming about what it would be like to be joined on the dance floor by my family and friends.

As the moments, days, and months wore on- the lonliness and isolation worsened. While I was increasingly disconnected from the world around me- I was determined to figure out a way to bring the people I cared about most into my world.

I decided to put out a challenge.

I asked my family, friends, and loved ones to twist for me.

While I was unable to physically do the running man, or the electric slide, I could do the Twist. I figured if I could do the Twist with poison running through my veins, those I cared about could do it too.

And so we twisted.

Within a few days I had countless videos from tiny twisters around the world- who were determined to Twist out Cancer.

And this is how the movement was born!

twisted in order to reconnect with a body I no longer understood.

twisted in order to raise awareness about my disease.

twisted to give others hope that were fighting.

continue to twist because I can, because I should, and because I must.

I hope you will join me.

I want to know your “Twist on Cancer”. I want to know how you are embracing this experience and making it your own. Together our stories, our “Twists on Cancer” will help support those that need it most, and enable us to pay it forward.

If you are interested in sharing your “Twist On Cancer” through writing, audio or video- please email Jenna at

Here’s My Twist On Cancer- Now What’s Yours?


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