From me to you.

From December 2010- May 2011 it was-and had to be- all about me.

As I wrote my own story- you listened.

As I paved my own path- you guided.

As I fell down and got back up- you cheered.

Cancer left me with no choice. I had to take to survive, I had to take to live, I had to take to heal.

From a life of giving to a life of taking.

The paradigm had shifted- and I hated her for it.

Me. Me. Me-Calling on You. You. You.

For help-for support- for hope.

When I finished treatment, I was desperate to shift the focus from me to you.

I was sick of me. Sick of my own voice. Sick of my own story. Sick of sickness.

As space and time entered, my mind started to calm, and my body started to heal.

As I started to rebuild, there was an insatiable need to take what I had learned, to take what you had given me, and put it somewhere.

I needed to give.

How could my story, my narrative, my journey serve as the backdrop for giving to others?

It could no longer be about my twist- but had to be about yours.

In the last week- Twist Out Cancer has once again shifted.

We have seen bravery, resilience, love and support from all corners of the world.

We have seen survivors supporting survivors, strangers supporting strangers, loved ones connecting and creating in ways they never anticipated.

Slow and steady- we are building and growing- creating a community based on sharing and giving- from me to you.

Thank you to those that have contributed. Your participation means more than you will ever know.


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