When What is Shared and What is Private Becomes Sacred and With Purpose.

51 weeks ago I decided to come out.

I decided that my journey, my fight, my dance with Cancer was too hard for me to carry alone.

And so I reached for you.

And there you were- ready to hold me up, ready to break my fall, ready to encourage me to fight harder.

The desire to share my story in real time, was initially rooted in desperation.  However as my fight continued I started to recognize the power in sharing. Through sharing comes strength, through sharing comes change, through sharing comes real transformation.

There were times when I was silent but I was really screaming. There were times when I was screaming but I wanted to be silent.

Today- what I choose to share and what I choose to keep private is up to me.  Every day I cautiously tiptoe between the choice to scream and the choice to remain silent.

And sometimes I find myself twisting somewhere in between.

As my journey continues, and my life becomes filled with new memories and experiences, I recognize how my relationship with sharing will continue to evolve and change.

What I choose to share and keep private is both sacred and with purpose.

And so as I continue to dance between the public and private, between the screams and silence, I do so with the understanding and gratitude that I am the one leading.