Something Contradictory

My mom has always loved to bike. When I was little she used to say that a family that bikes together sticks together. Throughout treatment my mom would take short rides before the sun would get too hot or she felt too weak to continue. Now she is in remission. And she has begun biking with a vigor and strength she did not have previous to cancer. In fact, this past month she biked across the state of Iowa. My challenge to you is to do something totally contradictory. 

My Twist on Cancer is: 

 There were times during my mom's treatment when I could have taken care of myself but chose to let someone support me because it was a gift to allow her to show her care. In turn there were times when my mom did not need me there but she knew I needed to be there and so allowed for my presence. I think it is a gift to allow someone to be there for you even if you know you can do it yourself. 

My Call to Action is: 

Do something contradictory.


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