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Suleika Jaouad, NY Times Columnist, #kissesawaycancer

Suleika Jaouad, Emmy Award-winning New York Times Well columnist, cancer ninja and health advocate shares her twist on cancer.


Twist Out Cancer

Twist Out Cancer


Brushes with Cancer Host Committee learns to paint at the Meg Frazier Gallery

The Brushes with Cancer Host Committee gets creative.


Twist and Shout!

Tiny twisters at the Brushes with Cancer gala in 2014.


Cycle for Survival at Equinox Gym

Jenna Benn Shersher, Founder of Twist Out Cancer with husband Dr. David Shersher raise money for Cycle for Survival.


Dancers perform at Brushes with Cancer

Chicago based dance troupe twists out cancer at the inaugural Brushes with Cancer gala in 2013.


Twist Out Cancer Educational Workshop at Camp Chi

Camp Chi campers support a cancer survivor during a 3 hour educational workshop called a "Twist Shop".


Anna Moschner the inspiration behind Brushes with Cancer.

Jenna Benn Shersher, Founder of Twist Out Cancer meets Anna Swarthout for the first time. Anna’s twist on cancer inspired the program Brushes with Cancer.


Brushes with Cancer


Join us in Twisting Out Cancer

Tiny Twisters Twisting Out Cancer

Twist Events

Twist Out Cancer holds monthly community-wide events that focus on psychosocial support, education, advocacy and the creative arts.

Twist Events

Education & Workshops

TOC workshops or 'Twist Shops' provide individuals touched by cancer with an opportunity to share their 'twist on cancer.' Facilitators lead groups in meaningful discussions related to the critical importance of psychosocial support, and guide exercises that foster creativity and encourage team building.

More about our 'Twist Shops'

Your Twist on Cancer

Join our online community by sharing your twist on cancer (your lessons learned, fighting strategies or your new perspective) or support someone touched by cancer by responding to their call for action

Share Your Twist on Cancer

Support Someone Touched by Cancer

"When you share - the world opens up".

Jenna Benn Shersher, Founder of Twist Out Cancer

What is Twist Out Cancer?

How Does it Help?
Twist Out Cancer aims to harness the power of personal connection and community to support survivors as they fight, cope and heal. Through sharing the community is called to action.

How Does it Work?
Each survivor is invited to create a profile page describing his or her "twist" on cancer. The survivor is then asked to create a dedicated call to action that is meaningful to his or her cancer journey. This task must be easily accomplished and documented by supporters using photography or video. The survivor's profile becomes a collection of personalized tributes meant to provide comfort, inspiration, and hope.

Brushes with Cancer

Brushes with Cancer is a 4 month program that matches those touched by cancer with an artist charged with creating a unique piece of artwork reflective of their journey with cancer.