I'm Here - So Now What?

How Does it Help?

Twist Out Cancer aims to harness the power of personal connection and community to support survivors as they fight, cope and heal. Through sharing the community is called to action.

How Does it Work?  

Each survivor is invited to create a profile page describing his or her “twist” on cancer. The survivor is then asked to create a dedicated call to action that is meaningful to his or her cancer journey. This task must be easily accomplished and documented by supporters using photography or video.  The survivor’s profile becomes a collection of personalized tributes meant to provide comfort, inspiration, and hope.

Examples of Dedicated Calls to Action:

“I’m in the midst of chemotherapy and I have lost all my taste buds. I really miss my grandmother’s lasagna. Here is the recipe- gather some friends, host a dinner party, and "tell me what it tastes like”.

“I had cancer from the ages of 10-13- and I felt like I was robbed of my childhood. I would like you to spend an afternoon doing something carefree and childlike.”

What Do I Do Next?

Are you a survivor? (Have you heard the words, “you have cancer”?)

Create a video and share your unique “twist” on cancer.

Are you a supporter? Support a survivor by responding to his/her call to action with a video of your own.

Not ready to share your twist? No problem. There are lots of ways to participate in the TOC community, including volunteering, attending an event, participating in a program or making a financial contribution.  

Do you have Medical Expenses?

A cancer diagnosis can be incredibly expensive for patients and their families. Twist Out Cancer has recently partnered with Give Forward to provide our supporters with a unique opportunity to fundraise for bills related to medical expenses.  We encourage your to check out our fundraising platform so we can assist you with your bills.

Twist Out Cancer Definitions

Survivor: Anyone that has heard those three words (“you have cancer”).  

Supporter: A caregiver, a family member, a friend or a stranger that is committed to providing support to a survivor.

Survivor's Voice: Anyone speaking on behalf of a survivor who is unable to communicate for himself or herself.

Tiny Twister:  A volunteer who is committed to donating his or her time, expertise, and passion to help create a network of support and hope.

Twist On Cancer: A survivor’s lessons learned, fighting strategies, and/or perspective since entering survivorship.

Dedicated Call To Action: A survivors request or call for support and a supporters response to a survivors call for support.

In Kind Donation: Your gift for someone who is surviving Cancer or someone who has passed.