I'm a supporter.

Are you a caregiver, a family member, a friend or a stranger that is committed to providing support to a survivor?

  1. Create a profile.
  2. Search our community of survivors and watch their videos.
  3. Respond to a survivor's call to action by uploading your response using video.
  4. Share your response using social media.
  5. Email your family and friends to let them know that you are now a part of the Twist Out Cancer Community.
  6. Encourage other supporters to respond and give. 

Examples of a Response to a Survivors Call to Action

Call to Action:  As a childhood cancer survivor, I felt robbed of my childhood. Document yourself doing something carefree and childlike.

Response :  Upload a video of yourself riding a rollercoaster and dedicate the activity to the survivor.

Guidelines for Participation

  • Clear sound is crucial: If no one can hear it, no one will watch it. Make sure to shoot in quiet environments and project.
  • Don't backlight: Make sure light is on your face and not behind it — i.e. don't sit in front of a bright window.
  • Shoot in Landscape: Typically videos shot using landscape vs. portrait translate better to YouTube.
  • Title and tag your video: Use the title "Twist Out Cancer” and include your name and location - ex: "Twist Out Cancer video for Daniel Bral from Jesse and Sam in Los Angeles”. Use tags to describe your video so that other people can find it
  • Share your video with the world. We believe that, when you share your twist on cancer, the world opens up.