Anuja Deo & PC Elliott

Artwork will be on Display at Detroit Shipping Company
The Story
Anuja Deo
Anuja Deo
Royal Oak, MI
[email protected] (facebook), deo.anuja (instagram)
Survivor - Diagnosed with stage 3c invasive lobular carcinoma (a type of breast cancer), I underwent 16 weeks of standard chemo, in addition to immunotherapy and targeted therapy, followed by a bilateral mastectomy, and then followed by 33 radiation treatments. I am currently part of another clinical trial and take a low dose of oral chemotherapy.

Twist on Cancer: My twist on cancer has helped me realize my own inner strength, as well as that of the bonds between myself, and my family and friends. My cancer diagnosis was a reminder that nothing is promised, especially tomorrow. I choose to surround myself with love and positivity. I definitely have my down days and scary moments, as cancer brings on a whole new set of fears I never had prior to diagnosis, but I've been able to lean on my fellow survivor sisters and organizations like Twist Out Cancer to laugh during the awkward moments and wipe away the tears.
PC Elliott
“Anuja's Journey”
Wood, Copper Plate, Copper Wire, Found Objects
20 x 16 x 22

Artist Statement: I created this sculpture based on a vision. The vision came from conversations with Anuja about the transformation she had from a person just living her everyday life to a person suddenly faced with a very real mortality. The relentless winds of adversity sometimes come to show us just how much grit we have. She had to become the lioness, ever courageous and strong. But also, her positive outlook came from the playful and carefree monkey. These two philosophies- along with the realization that she would never be the same, but possibly much better once on the other side - were very inspiring. The entire process was a lesson in empathy and humility for me. I am very grateful to Anuja for sharing her journey with me and now, the world. In the words of Paulo Coelho, “Maybe the journey isn't about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you, so you can become who you were meant to be in the first place.” God Bless.