Michelle De Nicola and Muktha Ananda
“Emerging Immersion”
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Michelle De Nicola
Los Angeles, California
Website: MichelleDeNicola.com
IG: @MichelleDeNicola.com
SoundCloud: Soundcloud.com/MichelleDeNicola/sets
Twist on Cancer: Life is what we make of it, and we are the artists of our own lives. Challenges show up, the unexpected happens, and things don’t always go as we’d hoped or planned—but we don’t have to be at the mercy of our circumstances. We can choose how to respond. It’s good and it’s healthy to go through all the emotions that arise, and we can paint our lives with the entire palette of our feelings. Sometimes we get stuck in the heavy emotions, and we might try to paint them pink, but we must go through the pain, anger, and heartache to truly heal. Our life experiences can teach us to have compassion for others and how to use the full spectrum of colors to paint a life and a world we truly love.

For much more of my life than not, I have been a cancer survivor. The cancer showed up when I was a kid, and it’s given me perspective, as well as presented major challenges and unique experiences that I never would have had otherwise.

Everything I've learned from cancer and what it’s brought into my life, plus how I’ve responded and the choices I’ve made, have all shaped me into who I am today. There are still challenges and circumstances I don't love. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that I am an overcomer and I will always find a way to rise above anything that tries to hold me down!

Muktha Ananda
Social Media: @ma_muktha
“Emerging Immersion”
Oil on canvas
24” x 36”
Artist Statement: “Emerging” seeks to convey the evolutionary process of Michelle’s journey, as well as her devotional relationship with life, music and her dreams.

The Lotus is an ancient symbol in spirituality and illumination - honoring the perseverance and grace of the blossoming amongst muddy waters. It represents beauty, prosperity, fertility, eternity, purity and divinity, infinite potential energy and connection to source.

Dolphins are highly intelligent, playful and closely in tune with their instincts. They symbolize protection and resurrection, giving the additional meaning of rebirth and renewal.

The Mermaid rising speaks to the transmutative quality of Michelle’s journey. Michelle’s song, “We Rise,” was a big inspiration in the making of this piece. Thank you Michelle, for embodying your lyrics: “We will rise, united strong, together we can heal the world of all the pain and hate and fear, because Love stands here!”

These minerals were used in the making of this oil painting:

Cinnabar is transformational; it can direct one on an internal quest of self-discovery. Connecting and shifting the life-force energy into alignment with the higher self. Bringing one more in touch with the spiritual body, allowing the spiritual body agency rather than any distractions of the mind.

Hematite is a powerful grounding stone, helping to refocus thoughts and actions that matter most, while guiding one on the right path.

Orpiment resonates with the personal will. It activates and aligns the will with the emotional body. Increasing energy levels, as well as focus, strength, and confidence.

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