Ginger Eubank and Cai Fasse
Cai Fasse Art
“The Mermaid Queen”
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The Story
Ginger Eubank
Ginger Eubank
Kansas, IL
Twist on Cancer: Twist on Cancer: When my Grandma was diagnosed in the ‘90s, the words ”breast cancer” were only whispered and not talked about. That’s when I started my fight for breast-cancer awareness - “I will not be silent.”
Cai Fasse
Social Media: @quejefasse
“The Mermaid Queen”
Artist Statement: Ginger is a mermaid queen. She is of the sea, ebbing and flowing with the tide. Half human, half siren, she tells her story loud and proud; a story, made from generations of women who refused to be silent. She loves those close to her so deeply and has the courage to love herself just as much. Her smile sparkles and is always genuine.

I knew early on that I wanted the piece to engage in overcoming silence and spirituality. The pink ribbon is an important symbol for Ginger, as is her ancient ancestry.