“Virtual Twistshops” are wellness and art therapy focused workshops that promote healing, relaxation, and emotional recovery through creative based intervention. Topics change each time.


“Twistshops” are art therapy-focused workshops that promote healing, relaxation and emotional recovery through art therapy based interventions that are designed to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress related to cancer.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have pivoted to run these programs completely virtually for individuals touched by cancer and the larger public that may be feeling isolated and lonely during this unprecedented time.

Twistshops welcome individuals who have been touched by cancer to engage in art therapy based workshops that focus on utilizing the arts as a mechanism for healing.

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Survivors, caregivers and previvors are invited to participate. Participants will be guided by a licensed art therapist through a variety of art-making activities that will allow participants to process their past and current experiences as a patient, caregiver or supporter of someone with cancer. Through storytelling and mindful art-making, the intention is to help participants explore different emotions, and in turn revive self, heal and find ways to move forward.


Interactive Art Workshops

September 21: Reconnecting To Our  Body Through Guided Drawings & Bilateral Body Mapping. Facilitated by Jacqueline Carmody, LCPC ATR-BC

Cancer has an immense impact on our bodies and well-being. We often feel disconnected and estranged from our bodies during treatment and lose our sense of self. This Twistshop will introduce participants to an integrative, sensorimotor-based art therapy modality that allows them to be in tune and more connected to the body and physical self. This session will provide tools that help awaken personal insights through intuitive art making. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a mind, body, and brain connection as they learn to foster focus, relaxation, and resilience.

October 19: Fall colors as inspiration for promoting awe and wonder and mindfulness – Facilitated by Mignon Dupepe LCPC, ATR

Come and create together as Jefferson Cancer Center partners with Twist Out Cancer for an evening of art making and connection. Join Twistshop facilitator, art therapist, and art explorer, Mignon Dupepe as we use fall colors as inspiration towards promoting awe and wonder and mindfulness. No prior artistic skills required to participate – just an interest & openness around art making. Join us for this great
opportunity to connect with others.

Please note you must register  for both workshops in advance.

For questions, or if you need assistance with registering, please call The Cancer Support
Center at 215-955-1800 or email at [email protected]

More information and details can be found here

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October Twistshop: Dance Movement Therapy to Build Connection Between Mind, Body, & Spirit

October 20, 6:30PM CT/7:30PM EST

This Twistshop will provide an introduction to the Creative Arts modality of Dance/Movement Therapy and the connection between the body, mind, and spirit. The session will engage participants in learning how to complete a body scan followed by a movement experiential aimed toward increasing body awareness, mindfulness, relaxation, and a sense of grounding. Both exercises are tools which can be utilized throughout an individual’s cancer journey. Participants will also be provided space to reflect on his/her/their experience.

Malorie McGee is a R-DMT (Registered Dance/Movement Therapist) with a Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling from Columbia College Chicago. Currently, she is the Mental Health and Wellness Educator/Outreach Coordinator with DePauw University’s Counseling Services and previously worked with individuals/groups in an inpatient, behavioral health setting. 

Free to attend, suggested $10-$15 donation to help support free programming.

Questions? Email [email protected]

Please note you must register in advance. 

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Virtual Beading Twistshop With Abby Match!

November 3, 6:30PM CT/7:30PM EST

Join Brushes With Cancer Inspiration, Abby Match, for an evening of beading, conversation, and connection! Abby has dedicated her time and talents to creating a special bracelet for TOC’s 10 Year Anniversary. Join us on 11/3/2022 to create your own bracelet with Abby’s guidance and the support of the Twist community! 

During treatment, Abby turned to beading as therapy to calm her mind and work through the layers of trauma that entrenched her. As Abby realized the positive impact it had on her mental health, the hobby grew. What hobbies do you turn to during hard times? This event will make space for honest conversations about healing, self-care, and overcoming difficult times.

*MUST REGISTER BY OCTOBER 20TH FOR SUPPLIES TO BE SHIPPED ON TIME! Please make a $40 donation here to Twist Out Cancer to attend this event and have beading supplies shipped to your home.*

Questions? Email [email protected]

Please note you must register in advance. 

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Jackie Carmody
Jacqueline Carmody

Jacqueline Carmody is a Twist Out Cancer Board Member, Brushes with Cancer Artist, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Registered Board Certified Art Therapist. Jaqueline will be running our signature Twistshop programs with a team of talented clinicians and is excited to bring this unique program to the community!

“My goal as an art therapist is to provide a safe space for everyone and offer them guidance in exploring different emotions that develop throughout their experience. What typically transpires is an evening filled with art making, bonding, and camaraderie.”

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Twist Out Cancer regularly hosts Twistshop programs for our community and the public. Private programs are also available by request. Fees include a clinical facilitator, digital marketing assets, zoom account access, and art making materials (by request).

NPO/Family Sponsor: $500

Corporate/Employer Sponsor: $750

If you are interested in partnering with Twist Out Cancer on an upcoming Twistshop please click below to express your interest.


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Become a Twistshop Facilitator

Are you a creative arts clinician looking to become a Twistshop Facilitator?We are currently seeking clinicians that work in the creative arts to serve as facilitators for our Twistshop programs.

If you are interested in learning more we hope you will consider applying!

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