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Creative Therapy-Various kinds of artistic expression can play a role in processing the emotional effects of cancer.

Cancer Today Mag, November 2019


Cancer Today Mag, November 2019

Brushes With Cancer’ exhibit showcases artwork representing journeys with disease

ABC7 Chicago, November 2, 2019.


Brushes With Cancer

CBS Austin, October 14, 2019.


Austin artist and survivor create artwork with their ‘twist on cancer’

CBS Austin, September 27, 2019.


This Cancer Survivor Turned to Art for Solace During Treatment. Now She Runs a Program That Offers Creative Outlets for Those Affected by Cancer; Meet Jenna Benn Shersher, the founder of Twist Out Cancer

Philadelphia Magazine, September 5, 2019.


What if Art Is the Best Way to Tell a Cancer Story?

Philadelphia Magazine, November 12 2019.   


Twist Out Cancer to Provide Night of Hope With Art Exhibition & Gala

NBC Chicago, October 26, 2019


Midday Fix: Details on the 7th Annual Brushes With Cancer Art Exhibition & Gala

WGN-TV, October 23, 2019.


Twist Out Cancer’ Pairs Artists With Survivors

NBC Chicago, October 14, 2019


One Tank Trip: ‘Brushes with Cancer’ exhibit

WFMZ-TV Philadelphia, October 2, 2019 


Organization links artists with cancer survivors

FOX29 Philadelphia, September 16, 2019

One Tank Trip: ‘Brushes with Cancer’ exhibit,” by Karin Mallett


Artists and Patients Share Their Twist on Cancer; Twist Out Cancer has paired those touched by cancer with an artist, who creates a unique piece of artwork that reflects on their individual journey with cancer,” 

Cure Today September 12, 2019.


This Cancer Survivor Turned to Art for Solace During Treatment. Now She Runs a Program That Offers Creative Outlets for Those Affected by Cancer; Meet Jenna Benn Shersher, the founder of Twist Out Cancer

Philadelphia Magazine, September 5, 2019.


“Share, Connect, Heal, Create, Repeat,” by Jenna Benn Shersher, Alana Dugandzic, and Jacqueline Carmody

Oncology Issues Journal, July/August 2019


Interview with August Spree and artist Kara Thomas

WDIV-TV,, July 27, 2019


Twist Out Cancer Presents Brushes With Cancer Preview

Picture This Post, July 10, 2019


Dealing With Cancer Through Art

Chicago Jewish News, October 19, 2018


Midday Fix: Details on Twist Out Cancer’s 6th annual Brushes With Cancer program

WGN-TV, July 16, 2018


Twist Out Cancer Connects Artists and Those Touched by Cancer

NBC10 – 02/12/2019


Reflective Art

Naperville Magazine – 12/01/2018


PRTV Special Interview – Gudrun Wu Snyder,

Chicago Phillipine Reports TV – 10/17/2018


Brushes With Cancer – Connecting, Sharing, and Healing Through Art,” by Cory Huff o Video interview with Jacqueline Carmody, LCPC, ATR-BC, and Twist Out Cancer Board Member

The Abundant Artist – 09/20/2018


Cancer Survivor Launches a Movement with a Twist

Forbes – 09/20/2018


Jenna Benn Shersher, Twist Out Cancer

Non Profit Leadership Podcast – 06/18/2018


Baring Her Lens: Rebecca Sigala uses boudoir photography as a platform for women’s empowerment,

Jerusalem Post – 04/18/2018


Before the News Reshet” featured Twist Out Cancer’s unique program’s impact in Israel.

Reshet Channel 13 In Israel – 03/08/2018


Brushes with Cancer le mardi 13 mars à Tel Aviv

Kef Israel – 03/08/2018


Non Profit Ally 084: From Survivor to Founder

Non Profit Ally – 03/08/2018


Meet Jenna Benn Shersher of Twist Out Cancer in the West Loop

Voyage Chicago – 03/06/2018


Meet Jenna Benn Shersher of Twist Out Cancer in West Loop

Voyage Chicago – 03/06/2018


Brushes with Cancer in Tel Aviv

Jerusalem Post – 03/01/2018


A Healing Kind of Art

Jerusalem Post – 03/01/2018


10 Campaigns that Rocked Giving Tuesday

Rootid – 11/27/2017


Support Those Affected By Cancer On Giving Tuesday By Making A Donation To Twist Out Cancer

Good Crowd – 11/21/2017


Brushes with Cancer Montreal

Senior Times – 11/17/2017


Brushes with Cancer Montreal – Applications available for Inspirations and Artists

Senior Times – 11/17/2017


Telling the story of the fight against cancer, one piece of art at a time

Glencoe News – 09/14/2017


Rick Kogan learns to ‘Do The Twist’ with Twist Out Cancer and their upcoming Brushes With Cancer event

WGN Radio – 09/04/2017


Brushes with Cancer celebrates life and art.

Chicago Tonight – 09/01/2017


Artists team with survivors to fight Cancer

ABC 7 – 08/20/2017


Bahamian Survivors Celebrate Their Journeys

Bahamian Tribune – 05/02/2017


Selfless snip: Donated hair offers freedom, confidence to people dealing with hair loss

Red Eye – 01/25/2016


Wedding, Career, Chemo: When Cancer Derails the Millennial Dream

Mashable – 03/26/2014


Can Twitter Cure Cancer? The Real Story of Social Media’s Impact on Cancer Patients

The Reno Dispatch – 09/27/2013


Twist Out Cancer Gets Big

Oy Chicago – 02/05/2013


Profile on Twist Out Cancer

Medill School of Journalism – 02/04/2013


Jenna Benn and Twist Out Cancer

Op/Ed News – 11/10/2012


Carrying Tom

Oy Chicago – 08/22/2012


Double Chai in the Chi

Oy Chicago – 07/17/2012


Innovative Methods- Twist Out Cancer

Institute for Medical Research- Israel and Canada – 07/04/2012


Social Media: A Mechanism to Effectuate Real and Meaningful Change

Huffington Post – 06/14/2012


Bald is Beautiful

CBS – 05/18/2012


Open Me Up And Look Inside

Huffington Post – 04/17/2012


Through Sharing Comes Hope

Oy Chicago – 04/03/2012


Seeing All My Colors Beyond the Shade of Grey

Huffington Post – 03/02/2012


A Series of Markers, Dates, Finish Lines and Moments in Time

Huffington Post – 01/23/2012


Hopes and Dreams and Everything in Between

Oy Chicago – 01/10/2012


What Was Lost is Now Found

Huffington Post – 12/20/2011


A Slow Exhale

Oy Chicago – 12/13/2011


Stirring Up Trouble

My Stupid Cancer Show – 11/14/2011


The Scars that Lie Beneath

Huffington Post – 11/08/2011


Waiting till 3:00

Oy Chicago – 11/02/2011


18, Chai, Life

Oy Chicago – 10/18/2011


Dear Tom

Huffington Post – 08/26/2011


Screw Cancer, Let’s Dance

South Florida Sun Sentinel – 08/22/2011

Dear Nonsense, I Missed You

Oy Chicago – 07/16/2011

Training Jenna Benn, An Imerman Angel, a Cancer Survivor

Chicago Now – 07/07/2011

The Unveiling

Oy Chicago – 06/28/2011