Interested in becoming a tiny twister?

Why Volunteer with Twist Out Cancer?

Twist Out Cancer (TOC) volunteers  (“Tiny Twisters”) donate their time, expertise, and passion and to help create a network of support and hope.  It’s thanks to the commitment; dedication and hard work of our volunteers that Twist Out Cancer is able create a supportive community.

Tiny Twisters will have the opportunity to
  1. Create meaningful videos in response to a survivors Twist Out Cancer Challenge.
  2. Work closely with TOC Board Members to help strategically promote TOC’s mission.
  3. Serve as a liaison between various organizations to help further promote the work of TOC.
  4. Help organize and promote TOC fundraisers in their respective communities.
Become apart of the Twist Out Cancer Movement
  1. Sign up to become an official part of our network by emailing Jenna at
  2. Volunteer at TOC headquarters in Downtown Chicago.
  3. Start a TOC chapter in your community.
  4. Host a TOC fundraiser in your city.