Erica Carroll & Virginia Masson
The Story
Erica Carroll
Asheville, NC
Social Media: @pincepacha
Breast Cancer Survivor
Twist on Cancer: I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 3/12/20, one day before a pandemic was declared in the U.S. I was 39 years old. On 4/7/20 I had a lumpectomy. On 4/18/20 I found out I was pregnant. A complete shock after years of trying and two previous miscarriages.
I went through chemotherapy in my second trimester. I received radiation weeks after my son was delivered via Emergency C-Section and spent a week in NICU. These are the cliff notes to a story that changed my entire way of being. It is a story that is still unfolding as I find my way in the world as a cancer survivor and as a new mother.
My connection to my artist Virginia was immediate and our pairing kismet. From day one it was like two old friends finding each other after too much time apart. She not only listened to my story but understood the deeper learning I was trying to express.She put paint where I could not find the words.The experience of being able to share my story has been healing and helps me to continue to move through my grief. Sharing stories and deep listening are such powerful tools that we sometimes forget to utilize them in our fast paced lives.I am grateful for this program giving us a place to slow down and hear each other.
Virginia Masson,
Social Media: @peacemuse, @thepeacemuse, @greatlakescreates
“Peace Warriors”
Acrylic on Canvas
36x36" 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas
Artist Statement: Peace Warriors tells the tale of the epic journey of my inspiration Erica. It is filled with symbolism based on the stories she shared from feeling like she was on a speeding freight train, to the sound of her husband singing to her son as she drifted off after giving birth.
My connection with Erica was mystical and instantaneous. We had so many connections that it was clear to me we were on each other's Red Threads before we were even born. Our pairing was meant to be.
I will never forget the fierce determination of this tiny band of Peace Warriors, from Erica the Brave and Matthew Good-Heart to tiny Oliver Koah, the Wayfinder who fought so valiantly to be born and bring his light to this world.
I am so grateful to have met Erica and Oliver and to have had this opportunity to tell their story on the canvas. They will occupy a corner of my heart forever.
The Reveal