Amy Pizana and Tony Nguyen
The Story
Amy Pizana
Harlingen, TX
Statement written by her loved ones: Amy was one of the most positive and inspiring people you could ever meet. She had a drive to experience everything the world had to offer. She connected with so many young cancer patients over the last few years and showed them life doesn't stop with a cancer diagnosis. She's inspired us all to enjoy every minute of this life to the fullest. She never backed down from the fight; she met every challenge head on with the best attitude. Amy was thoroughly genuine, kind, and hilarious - a truly beautiful soul. She was the first to stand up for you and be your strength if you needed support while also being so comforting. She had a magical way of brightening any situation and making everything better with her smile and presence. (And her amazing wigs!) She meant so much to us, all while being the best mom in the whole world. Her kids always came first, no matter how she was feeling. She was Super-mom. Her memory continues to bring strength and comfort to all who were lucky enough to know her.
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen
Social Media: @tonyisdrawing (IG)
25” x 31” including frame
Artist Statement: When I first met Amy, I noticed right away how much energy she had. What struck me was how much of an open book she was in sharing her journey. Over the course of the next several months, I followed her on social media as she continued to tell her story, including all the ups and downs.

For my piece, I thought about what kind of imagery could symbolize Amy's journey but decided that wasn't the right approach. She was her own voice and represented herself to the world with overwhelming positivity. A portrait was the obvious choice. In our texts, she shared with me her wigs and how much fun she had choosing which one to wear. In this piece, she wears one of her bold wigs. Her eyes look forward, showing strength and never shying from anything that comes her way.

While she never got to see this piece, I hope many others will and remember Amy for her bright light and tenacity.
This pair was generously sponsored by San Antonio Cancer Survivor Group