Cathy Reilly and Jeannine Baldomero
The Story
Cathy Reilly
Potomac, MD
Twist on Cancer: Whenever I hear the word “cancer” it brings tears to my eyes. Cancer has been a great teacher for me and it also stripped me to my core. I watched my dear friend and brother-in-law, Danny, fight the battle until he took his last breath. I learned from him the true meaning of love. His love for his wife (my sister) and their four beautiful children inspired him to get up every day and fight the battle for two and a half years. Danny taught me not to take life for granted and to enjoy every moment. In the end, it is truly all about love.
Jeannine Baldomero
Philadelphia, PA
Social Media: @jbminddoodles
"You Are"
Gold Leaf and Acrylic on Canvas
(Diptych-2 paintings side by side) Each: 24" x 24" x 1.5"
Artist Statement: The words on the right canvas came to me while riding my bicycle after a conversation with my Inspiration. Every word reflects an aspect of Cathy’s story, who lost her best friend Danny, her brother-in law, to pancreatic cancer. A few themes repeated early on in our zoom calls. One was that Cathy’s niece, Jenna, who was 12 at the time of her father’s battle with cancer, had become a constant source of light throughout the ups and downs during Danny’s chemo treatments, which they referred to as “liquid gold.” Others were references to Danny’s bright blue eyes, and the clear blue sky on the day that he was diagnosed, and on the day he died.
Cathy didn’t speak much of herself, and I was starting to get the feeling there was some deep pain there. She sacrificed so much to help care for Danny, and to look after her niece and the family business while he and his wife, her sister Tricia, flew to Texas for treatments.

 During our last call, one of Cathy’s other sisters wandered into the room and joined our chat. She revealed the most amazing two things. First, she told me how Cathy is that person who selflessly holds everything together for everyone else. Then she mentioned Cathy has the brightest blue eyes…
In that moment, I recognized that it is Cathy who was and is the constant light in the darkness. These paintings honor her radiant strength and her eternal friendship with Danny.