Matthew Newman and Andrea Silver
The Story
Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman
Washington Crossing, PA
Twist on Cancer: We learn the greatest lessons in life during the deepest and darkest of times. We are gifted with a new set of lenses to see life through, and our perspective changes immediately. We learn to live in the moment and appreciate the now. It shouldn’t take being thrust into an unasked for situation to learn some of the most basic life lessons. But these are the gifts we take from cancer. This is our journey, we own it!
Andrea Silver Headshot
Andrea Silver
Social Media: @andisilver_artist
“The Real Deal”
Paper Collage
24" wide x 30"
Artist Statement: I wasn't sure where this piece was headed; I had too much material to work with. Matt wrote a book and I read it three times. I copied some meaningful passages and went back numerous times and found more. We sat together at his 24" monitor as he scrolled through his personal photos with me -- his life literally flashing before my eyes.
I had to pair things down. I realized that Matt wanted to share not only his cancer experience, but also the valuable lessons learned. I made sure that both were included here.
I wanted the piece to have a strong sense of organization to reflect how Matt thinks and approaches life. I also wanted the piece to be slightly imperfect - because life can be messy. So, you'll see glue and pencil lines, images and lines of text cut and placed by eyeballing rather than measuring.
I pulled an all-nighter to complete this piece and was pretty nervous. But every time I felt anxiety kicking in, I'd read the line at the top of the center square, "Be brave when you are scared," and I was able to take on a more positive perspective.