Randi Venema and Shira-Lee Shalit
“Bright / Fight / Light”
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The Story
Randi Venema
New Jersey
Social Media: @dutchfamilyinnj; @artlovesgrace
Two-time breast cancer survivor
Twist on Cancer: The three words “you have cancer” change you like no other. The stress and anticipation of tests eat away at your very core. After hearing those words four times by the time I was 45, it was draining. My faith in Jesus is paramount to me dealing with such a difficult diagnosis as cancer. A supportive husband and family enabled me to keep going even when I did not know if I could after surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. Taking control of the little things makes it easier when there is so much you cannot control.

Getting up and living every day and connecting with God, your family and friends make getting through cancer liveable. There is another side without cancer, it’s the journey to get there that you need faith to get through.
Shira-Lee Shalit
New York City
Social Media: @shiralee.shalit (IG); Shira-Lee Shalit (FB)
“Bright / Fight / Light”
Acrylic on canvas
30” x 30” x 2”
Artist Statement: My inspiration for this piece for Randi came from her incredible outlook on life after getting 2 cancer diagnoses -- that you just have to move forward and live life to the fullest, and that after a storm is when God delivers a rainbow. This made me think about how a rainbow is formed when sunlight hits the drops of rain and light is reflected off of them creating a beautiful spectrum of colors, and this became the literal and metaphorical foundation for my painting. I painted layer upon layer of a variety of rich pearlescent acrylics using a lot of pink, Randi's favorite color, then used 'raindrops' of paint and round sun and firework type images, full of life and energy, to embody Randi's invincible spirit and her bright positive outlook. Randi is the epitome of strength: a graceful prize-fighter who has achieved some seriously difficult knock-outs! It was a pleasure making this piece for her and the title came to me very clearly -- "Bright/ Fight/ Light."