Veronica Morgan and Tia Nichols
“The Journey”
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The Story
Veronica Morgan
Originally from North Carolina, but travels everywhere as a full-time RVer
Social Media: @vagabond_vern
Survivor, Stage II Triple Negative Breast Cancer (BRCA 1+)
Twist on Cancer: I have stalled over this question since I enrolled in the Brushes program. Since I'm a long-term survivor, I have been through so many of the stages of the lessons and strategies used in dealing with cancer, from the newly diagnosed to active treatment, through that rough period of just after active treatment ends, bringing me to now dealing with long-term impacts.

I guess my Twist on Cancer is that, just like so many things in life, the lessons, strategies, and perspectives have to change and shift as one moves through an experience. Just when I think I have a stage of this experience figured out, things change and I have to learn to adapt with that change. It would seem with all these years of experience, I wouldn't fight those changes, but like everyone, I do and then I shift and find a new perspective.
Tia Nichols
Detroit, MI
Social Media: @moemoeproductions
“The Journey”
Mixed media
36” x 48” x 0.5”
Artist Statement: The Journey brings to the light my perspective of Veronica Morgan's experience through her survivorship of breast cancer. The mixed-media piece includes images of Veronica in treatment, wearing her well known "chicken hat," as well as an image of her now kicking butt and exploring the world, living to her fullest potential.