Nicole Shorter and Chris Taylor
The Story
Nicole Shorter
Nicole Shorter
Nicole Shorter
St. Paul, MN
Survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Twist on Cancer: Being diagnosed with cancer at 29 years old and pregnant came as a huge shock. It was the most frightening and challenging time of my life, but it showed me that I have a reserve of inner strength that I didn't know existed. My journey taught me to always be present and to focus on the important things in life. My experience has helped me to find joy each day in simple things and to be grateful for every moment I am given.
Chris Taylor headshot
Chris Taylor
Social Media:@artistchris
36”x 24” x ¾”
Artist Statement: I started painting with acrylic paint after I started treatments for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Having cancer made me realize I needed to get back to doing something I loved doing when I was younger. Portraits and landscapes are my favorite subjects.

Nicole and her family have a great love of the outdoors. She told me she likes texture in paintings, so I was able to use all of my favorite things to do this painting. Nicole has a light about her and I hope I was able to capture this.