Talaya Dendy and Bettina Reiser
The Story
Talaya Dendy
Rochester, MN
Social Media: @ontheotherside17 (IG); On the Other Side Cancer Doula (FB); On the Other Side (YouTube); Navigating Cancer Together (Podcast)
Survivor/Thriver - Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Twist On Cancer: Cancer taught me that I have the power within to face and overcome whatever comes my way, as long as I choose NOT to be defeated in my mind. The mind-body connection is real, and it is powerful! Instead of focusing on what cancer took from me, I tried to focus on what I could get from cancer. It led me to a healthier, happier life doing work I love and enjoy! There is life On the Other Side of cancer! My favorite life lesson quote is from Lena Horne: “It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.” This quote has been relevant to me throughout my life so far. There have been many tough times and uncertainty in my life, but I did not allow those things to lead me down the path of consistent negativity. I realized that the way I chose to look at those situations highly determined the outcome. In summary, surviving cancer requires creativity and emotional power. You have it within you. You might need help to tap into it! There is no shame in that. Asking for help will take you further than trying to do it alone!
Bettina Reiser
Longmont, CO
Social Media: @TangleTurtleArt (IG); Bettina's Tangle Turtle Art (FB); Bettina Reiser, CZT (LI)
Mixed Media - Ink pen, graphite, liquid Ink, white gellyroll pen, watercolor
23 ¼” x 19 ½” x ¾”
Artist Statement: I submitted my artist application, was matched with Talaya, and we made an instant connection! She was so peaceful, calm, and wonderful to talk to. I think what impressed me most was that Talaya took her diagnoses and turned up the POSITIVE! I am so amazed by what she does now! Walking her 'peers' through their cancer journey with them! Being their Angel of Hope! She's amazing!

The artwork depicts Talaya smiling, looking right at you. With a black panther behind her, with a paw on her shoulder, he gives her strength, poise, and stealth. The big purple butterfly behind the panther is one of Talaya's favorite animals, as well as the colors purple and yellow. In the very background there are dark storm clouds, but they are behind them.
This journey with Talaya is amazing! We are staying in touch.

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