Interactive Virtual Art Sessions

Interactive Art Workshops

September 21 and October 19

12-1pm EST

September 21: Reconnecting To Our  Body Through Guided Drawings & Bilateral Body Mapping. Facilitated by Jacqueline Carmody, LCPC ATR-BC

Cancer has an immense impact on our bodies and well-being. We often feel disconnected and estranged from our bodies during treatment and lose our sense of self. This Twistshop will introduce participants to an integrative, sensorimotor-based art therapy modality that allows them to be in tune and more connected to the body and physical self. This session will provide tools that help awaken personal insights through intuitive art making. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a mind, body, and brain connection as they learn to foster focus, relaxation, and resilience.

October 19: Fall colors as inspiration for promoting awe and wonder and mindfulness – Facilitated by Mignon Dupepe LCPC, ATR

Come and create together as Jefferson Cancer Center partners with Twist Out Cancer for an evening of art making and connection. Join Twistshop facilitator, art therapist, and art explorer, Mignon Dupepe as we use fall colors as inspiration towards promoting awe and wonder and mindfulness. No prior artistic skills required to participate – just an interest & openness around art making. Join us for this great
opportunity to connect with others.

Please note you must register  for both workshops in advance here.

For questions, or if you need assistance with registering, please call The Cancer Support
Center at 215-955-1800 or email at [email protected]

More information and details can be found here