Brushes with Cancer Southern Region
The Brushes With Cancer Southern Art Exhibition and Celebration: Spring 2022
Artwork, storytelling and entertainment available to you in person and virtually
In-Person Art Exhibition & Celebration will also be hosted at Dripping Springs Distilling in Dripping Springs, Texas.
The Program

Brushes with Cancer is a program of Twist Out Cancer that strategically matches artists with individuals touched by cancer (inspirations). Over a period of 6 months, the artist and inspirations work together to build a relationship built on mutual understanding and trust. The artist creates a unique work of art that is reflective of the inspiration’s journey with cancer. The program culminates in a virtual event that celebrates survivorship, and hope, where the art is auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting the mission and work of Twist Out Cancer.

Our Participants


Lisa Howard 

Jackson Forssberg 

Sarah Wartell

Yvonne Williams

Pam Crowther

JP Hayes

Annie Vest

Nicole Wissing

Rena Williams

Amy Pizana

Courtney Wilkinson

Peter Beck

Cindy Bennett

Jennifer King

Janie Robles

Kristie Teal

Lissette Guadalupe

Cortina Peters

Liz Sather

Martha Acosta

Jennifer OBrien

Ginger Eubank

Andrea Ludlow

Bobbie Marchand

Nicole Shorter

Diona Brzezinski

Erin Morrison

Angi Taylor

Heather Newby

Laura Cipolla

Barbara Lamar

Michelle De Nicola

Lindsay Kimmel

Michael Holtz

Heather S Russell

Amanda Marion


Erin Harris

Erin Harris

Judy Abplanalp

Matthew Burton

Jacqueline Carmody

Dr. Sharon Arffa

Erin Nelson

Lindsey Taucher

Murielle Cohen

Tony Nguyen

Brandon Christensen

Sheryl Ann Noday

Karen Chatham

Erin Greganti

Brandy Fransen

Tayler Shannon

Ashley Wilson Wall

Cami Baker Miller

Amanda Wilson

Magdalena Cuevas

Hannah Jeremiah

Cai Fasse

Linda Washburn Roberts

Valley Bak

Chris Taylor

David A Billesbach

Alexandra Hart

Amy Morris

Maggie Williamson

Allie Hackett

Theresa Bond

Muktha Ananda

Tracie Strange

Karen Hidalgo

Christan Seidle

Barbara J. Mason

Brushes with Cancer Philly event at Yards

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Tickets to The Brushes with Cancer Southern Region Art Exhibition and Celebration at Dripping Springs Distilling will be on sale shortly.

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Brushes with Cancer Co-Chairs
Kimberly Kass
Brushes with Cancer Southern Co-Chair
Andrea Reichl
Brushes with Cancer Southern Co-Chair

Featured Auction

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The Brushes with Cancer Online Art Auction and Exhibition will be available for viewing 2 weeks in advance of the big event. In the meantime, check out our online store for art inspired apparel and household items.

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Featured Program Alumni Artists
Perry Milou
Perry Milou
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Michael Leavy
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Ali Williams
Ali Williams
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The Team

Board Members

Jenna Benn Shersher- Founder, CEO and Board President

Andrew Edelston- Board Chair

Dr. Gena Khodos- Treasurer

Emma Peck Block- Secretary

Dr. Sharon Arffa- Executive Board Member

August Spree- Executive Board Member

Joelle Goldman- Executive Board Member

Joshua Taustein- Executive Board Member

Stephanie Plein- Executive Board Member

Erin Green Johnson- Executive Board Member

Arlene Bonnet- Executive Board Member

Iris Marreck- Executive Board Member

Dr. Christian Squillante-Executive Board Member

Jon Goldberg- Executive Board Member

Howard Aaron-Executive Board Member

Jennifer L. Katz Margolis- Executive Board Member

Cynthia Beck- Executive Board Member

Danny Glick- Executive Board Member

Jacqueline Carmody- Advisory Board Member

Thomas Croce- Advisory Board Member

Gudrun Wu Synder- Advisory Board Member

Jeffrey Guerrero- Advisory Board Member

Dr. Martin Hogan- Advisory Board Member

Mardi Kaplan- Advisory Board Member

Kimberly Kass- Advisory Board Member

Anna Feneis- Advisory Board Member

Ella Hawk- Advisory Board Member

Twist Out Cancer Canada

Dan Hadad Aviad- Chair Canada

Sharon Marcushamer- Chair Canada

April Gibson

Suzanne Cronin

Tim Richardson




Jenna Benn Shersher, Founder and CEO

Amelia Hanrahan, COO

Joshua Taustein, Director of Marketing and Communications

August Spree, Director of Programming

Dr. Lauren Zaluda Rynar, Clinical Director

Jacqueline Carmody, Licensed Clinical Art Therapist

Lindsay Patton, Director of Digital Strategy

Ellie Monieson, Director of Social Media

Jenna Koch, Intern

Stella Lefkowsky, Intern

Host Committee

Twist Out Cancer acknowledges the dynamic Host Committee that works to make the program possible and the unique event a true celebration of life!

Kim Kass

Andrea Reichl

Amanda Walker

Jennifer Katz Margolis

Blake Waxler

Erin Greganti

Teri Kelly

Liefen Su-Hovd

Shelby Anderson

Amber Weber

Program Mentors

Twist Out Cancer acknowledges the caring and careful support that mentors provide to Artists and Inspirations.


Kim Kass

Andrea Reichl

Anna Feneis

Sharon Roesser

Lindsay Patton

Ellie Monieson

Mardi Kaplan

Jenna Koch

Suzanne Kfoury

Edith Salcedo-Mudroch